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"It Could Only Happen at Disneyland" is an advertising song used to promote Disneyland in the late 1970s. The title was also used as an slogan at the time.


Where are all the friendly people, and the memories that last?
And a special world of laughter that's part of all our past?
Catch a glimpse of peoples' faces, and then you'll understand
It could only happen at Disneyland

If "happily ever after" seems too good to be true
I know a place that promises to give it all to you
Let Donald, Mickey, and Pluto take you by the hand
It could only happen...
It could only happen at Disneyland

Fantasies all gleam as we go through the land
As you'll discover joys that you have never planned
So give yourself a chance for a brand new romance
With Disneyland

We've got the fun you're after. we can make your dreams come true
No matter what the season is, any time will do
So don't wait 'til tomorrow, come live it while you can
It could only happen...
It could only happen at Disneyland

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