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It’s a Small World: The Animated Series is an online-exclusive series inspired by the classic Disney theme park attraction. Six international friends embark on unforgettable adventures traveling the globe, in a hot air balloon. The series is presented by Rosetta Stone Kids.

The theme song for this series, titled "We're on Our Merry Way", was written by Richard Sherman.



Maruma is sporty, and can usually be seen playing local sports whenever the friends land. He is from New Zealand.


She is from France and likes to look at clothes from around the world.


He enjoys trying new foods, and cooking as well as baking.


Zanele is from South Africa. She enjoys the historical aspects of the places the friends visit.


She is from China, and has a knack for music. She claims she can play any instrument.


Hailing from the Netherlands, he is a skilled painter.


The friends' companion, a bluebird. He can speak English, and knows some words in Spanish.


Many Disney characters have appeared in the show, and can be seen at random points in the show.


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