"It's a 'B' Movie (Show)" is a song from The Brave Little Toaster. It is sung by Toaster, his gang, Hanging Lamp and the Junkshop Appliances in the Parts Shop, excluding the Mish-mash but including Victrola and the Reel-to-reel playing the song, where each and every character makes their own protest as an answer to Lampy's question.


Appliances: Watch yourself
Don't fall off from the shelf

Reel-to-reel: You must be the new boys in town

Lampy: What's that sound?
Is someone moving 'round?

Hanging Lamp: Sit down for a spell
You don't look so well

Coffeepot: Wait a minute!
I feel great!
You just leave yourself to fate
You might as well just hang around

Recorder, Fan: It's too late
We've got to operate

Hanging Lamp: Just try to relax
It's a house of wax!

Fan, Old Lamp, Popper: Oh
IIIIIIIIIIII remember Frankenstein
Shivers up my spine

Fan, Old Lamp: Whoa-oooooooooh

Kirby: I'm for getting out of here

Fan, Old Lamp, Popper: No need to shout, my dear

Fan, Old Lamp: No-oooooooooh

Recorder: Who will go
To the cellar down below?

Range: Trouble is a-bubblin' in the brew

Fan, Old Lamp, Waffle Iron, Sharpener: And while you're down there, Mr.
Vincent Price
Will give you good advice

Hanging Lamp: He'll know what to do
You just tell him "Boo!"

Range: He will put the voodoo
In the stew I'm telling you!

Appliances: It's like a movie
It's a 'B' movie show
It's like a movie
It's a 'B' movie show

Mish-mash: Hey, hey, look at me!
I mean, really!
Barf, barf, barf!
I'm a can-opener, a lamp and a shaver!
Oh-ho-ho-ho! God!
I'm a mish-mash!

Kirby: This is weird!

Radio: It's much worse than I feared

Lampy: I'll close my eyes and make it disappear

Kirby, Lampy, Radio: This is strange!

Range: It ain't home on the range

Appliances: You just tell St. Pete
That you got cold feet

Kirby, Lampy, Radio, Toaster, Blanky: There goes the sun; here comes the night
Somebody turn on the li-iiiiiiight
Somebody tell me that fate has been kind

Recorder, Sharpener: You can't go out!
You are out of your mind!

Appliances: It's like a movie
It's a 'B' movie show
It's like a movie
It's a 'B' movie show
(variously) Aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaah... (x3)

Fan: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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