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"It's Not Easy" is a song from Disney's Pete's Dragon. It is performed by Nora and Pete.


Pete: He has the head of a camel
The neck of a crocodile
Nora: It sounds rather strange
Pete: He's both a fish and a mammal
And I hope he'll never change

'Cause it's not easy
To find someone who cares
Nora: It's not easy to find magic in pairs
Pete: I'm glad I found him
I love him, I won't let him get away
'Cause it's not easy

Nora: You say the head of a camel
The neck of a crocodile
Pete: And the ears of a cow!
Nora: It's clear that friends can be different
Yes, I understand you now

Both: It's not easy to find someone who cares
It's not easy to find magic in pairs
Nora: Now that you have him, hold him
Treasure him from day to day
It's so easy

Nora: Life is lollipops and raindrops
With the one you love
Someone you can always be with
Argue and agree with
Pete: Climb the highest tree with

Both: It's not easy to share somebody's dream
It gets easy
When you work as a team
Nora: You've got to tend it, fan it
Pete: That's what I plan to do
Oh, I had one friend by my side....
Now I have two...
Him and you...
Nora: Him and me...

Both: And it's so easy


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