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"It's Fun to Be Free" was the theme song of the World of Motion pavilion at Epcot. It was written by Disney composer Buddy Baker with lyrics by X Atencio.


It's fun to be free

To be on the move

To go anywhere with ever a care to

Do all you've wanted to do

It's fun to be free

It's fun to be free

To be on the move

You go where you please

With comfort and ease to

See all there is to be seen

It's fun to be free

It's fun to be free

To be on the move

To go for a hike

Whenever you like to

Do all there is to be done

It's fun...

To be free!


  • The ride itself used a one-minute underscore loop, which plays almost uninterrupted from the beginning scenes through the present day. Over this are played harmonies and arrangements befitting different locations (e.g. Ancient Rome, China and Arabia) and time periods (like the Wild West, Renaissance Italy and 1960's surf culture). The ride also utilized minimalistic sound effect segments, frenetic uptempo "speed tunnels" and a swelling orchestral finale. All of these were arranged by Buddy Baker.
  • Around the pavilion, and in the World of Motion's queue, load and unload areas played a loop of eccentric versions of It's Fun to Be Free punctuated by vehicle noises. Musical styles represented in this loop include ragtime tack piano, dixieland jazz, Broadway showtune, 1920's Keystone Kop, Copland-esque rodeo, and kazoo. The melody of the song also made an appearance in the Concourse Themes medley, the set of bombastic orchestra and synthesizer tunes that played around Epcot Center's entrance from 1982 to 2001.

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