Island in the Sky is a Scrooge McDuck comic story written by Carl Barks in March, 1960.

The asteroid, 2730 Barks, was named after Barks by a scientist at Cornell University who was inspired by this story.[1]


Scrooge and his nephews go on a quest in outer space to find a landmass to store his money on. They land on small asteroid occupied by aliens and (normal) birds. Donald accidentally chases the birds away to a nearby planet, and with them, the only source of food for the aliens is gone. The aliens who were friendly at first are now mad at the Ducks.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie make Scrooge find a solution for the problem they caused. Scrooge sacrifices his fuel to get the aliens to the tropical planet nearby them. This detour results in a fuel stop at the space gas station, which gives Scrooge a high bill.

This story also shows how the emotions Scrooge has can be more important than his money.

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