"Intruders" is the eleventh episode of the CGI animated short series Fireball. The episode itself was aired on June 16, 2008 as a part of Disney's partnership with Jinni's Animation Studios.


(48778 Merkur calendar year)

Drossel von Flügel is practicing Caporeia with Fighting Unit "Belinda" (An attachment that boosters her agility while reducing exhaustion), when Gedächtnis meets her in the main hall of the Flügel Manor.  Drossel of course claims its karate and not Caporeia, after he questions her, which is met with the sound of laughter. Drossel claims there must be spies laughing in the main hall, but Gedächtnis claims it is not possible for Tempest Tower to be breached. Schadenfreude then randomly appears, and Drossel wonders if he bites. Gedächtnis suggests she not appear as a threat to him. Humorous results occur as Drossel interacts with Schadenfreude, and Gedächtnis gets revenge on the camera for using a laughing track.


Fireball - 11

Fireball - 11


  • Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel - Miyuki Kawashō
  • Gedächtnis - Toru Okawa
  • Schadenfreude - Daisuke Gōri


  • This is the only episode that Fighting Unit "Belinda" appears.
  • This is the first episode that Schadenfreude appears on screen.
  • This episode breaks the fourth wall when Gedächtnis dents the screen.
  • Compared to other episodes, this episode has a rather dark ending.