"International Space Station" is the second episode of the Toy Story mini-series Buzz Lightyear: Mission Logs. It was released March 23, 2010 on the 2010 Blu-ray and DVD release of Toy Story 2.


Buzz continues to tell Rex and Hamm about his adventure in space. During this, Rex and Hamm compare real astronaut suits to Buzz's.



  • This short was released on the 2010 Blu-ray and DVD of Toy Story 2, and features Randy Newman's music from the film.
  • The drawing of Woody from the previous episode is behind Buzz, Hamm and Rex again.
  • At the beginning, Hamm says, "Talking about falling with style." This is how Woody described Buzz's flying in the first Toy Story movie.
  • The short closes with the music score heard at the climax of the original Toy Story movie.
  • The Luxo lamp and Andy's plane are seen again.