"Inspector Goofy" is the twenty-first episode of the first season of Goof Troop.


Pete gets Goofy a job as a city inspector, but regrets it when Goofy inspects his business.


The episode begins at Pete's car lot as Pete gripes that he has not had any customers in 3 weeks because of Earl's Auto where prices are rock bottom and they're actually honest with their costumers. The minute he hears someone asking for help, he sees it as a chance to sell a car only to find out that person wants directions to Earl's Auto. Pete finds a newspaper with a wanted ad for a city inspector and came up with an idea: have an idiot hired as the city inspector to shut down Earl's Auto and Pete get his business and he knows just the one: Goofy!

After getting Goofy the job, (and bribing the chief inspector) Pete gives him the meaning of being an inspector: Don't choose favorites, never show mercy and don't accept begging and tells him to go to Earl's Auto for his first job.

Later at the Goof's house, as Pete and his family are having dinner there, Pete feed Goof to congratulate him on his first day and having Earl's Auto shut down but Goofy says Earl passed with flying colors. Angry that his plan didn't work, Pete attempt to throw Goofy out the window, only be stopped by Peg.

Pete's business is still failing and Goofy arrives to inspect Pete's lot. After noticing the problems with each car and a lot of violations, Goofy shuts down Pete Lot until he pays for all the tickets.

At Pete's house, Goofy arrives and tells him that because of all the tickets he wrote to Pete, he was named employee of the month and given a award. Pete wants to re-open his lot and sell cars, no matter what Goofy says but Peg won't allow it until he pays the tickets.

However, the only jobs Pete can get is to sell car parts and wash cars only to be spotted and given tickets by Goofy twice. Goofy arrives at Pete's house and informs Pete and Peg that he's been promoted to inspect houses, too. Pete then tells Goofy to inspect Peg's stuff (to get her to see how it feels like) but Goofy informs them that she, Pistol and PJ stuff are perfect but when he inspects Pete's room, he hands him more tickets at which point he can't live in his own house anymore.

The next morning Pete, now living in his car, finds himself barred from the house until he pays for the tickets. Next day, Pete comes up with plan to get Goofy fired.

The following afternoon, Pete tells Goofy that he's too nice as an inspector and needs to get tough by giving the Chief Inspector tickets. Later, Goofy follows his boss and give him numerous tickets. Then Pete told Goofy as a inspector he can do anything he want like drive through red lights, rip "do not remove" tags off pillows and taken bribes from people (which goofy thought he has to get married) and send Goofy off to do what he was told to do.

Suddenly Goofy arrives and informs Pete that the Mayor want to see him tomorrow morning which pleases Pete knowing Goofy will be in trouble.

Next day City Hall, the mayor makes an announcement which at first, a smug Pete and the chief inspector assume is that Goofy is done for but to their shock, Goofy actually gets an award while the chief inspector gets arrested. Unfortunately, Goofy goes too far by giving the mayor tickets, attempting to shut down City Hall and asking for a bribe from the mayor. Both Pete and Goofy get in trouble after Goofy reveals Pete taught him to be an inspector and all but Pete's tickets have been declared null and void.

Later, now back in his home, Pete finally gets a chance to eat. Suddenly, Goofy shows up at his house telling him he's a termite exterminator. To Pete's horror, Goofy decides to start with his house.


  • This is one of the few times where Max appears in an episode but doesn't say a word.


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