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Inspector Bouchet (also known as Double X) is the main antagonist in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.

Role in the Film

He is a French inspector who works for the French police in Paris and is investigating the case of the stolen diamond. Little did anyone know that the thieves Max and Quincy were working for him, and gave him the codes to the security systems in order to steal the diamond.

When his henchman fails many times to retrieve the diamond from Herbie's gas tank, he gets his chance when Jim Douglas and Wheely Applegate ask to have him put Herbie in protective custody. He gets his chance, but his assistant Fontenoy insists on taking care of Herbie, which he does.

After Max and Quincy again fail to retrieve the diamond, he flies to Monte Carlo and attempts to steal it back himself. However, Fontenoy intervenes again and explains his findings on how the security systems were disabled. Finally, Bouchet reveals his true self by pointing a gun and taking the diamond from Jim's hands. However, he's outsmarted by Herbie when he rolls onto his foot and smacks his gun out of his hand.

He sadly gives back the diamond and is arrested by Fontenoy with minor apologies.


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