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Inferno (real name Dante Pertuz) is a character originating from Marvel Comics. The character appears in Avengers Assemble, where Dante was once a normal teenager living in Maple Falls in Upstate New York until he came into contact with the Terrigen Mist and became imbued with Inhuman abilities, becoming a superhero.

Inferno was created by Charles Soule and Joe Madureira.


Powers and Abilities


  • Pyrokinesis: Inferno has the ability to generate and control fire and magma.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Inferno is able to heal much faster than a normal human.


Avengers Ultron Revolution

Dante Pertuz is a teenager of Inhuman heritage. When an Inhuman ship carrying Seeker and the Alpha Primitives crashes into the nearby moutains, the Terrigen Fog was released from the ship and Dante is among those affected, causing him to undergo Terrigenesis. During his metamorphosis, both the Avengers and the Inhumans find his Terrigen Cocoon inside a building and fight over it. However, during the scuffle Dante emerges as an unstable Inferno and went on a rampage. The Avengers and the Inhumans work together to fight Inferno until Hulk and Lockjaw return with a Terrigen Crystal to use on Inferno and the Alpha Primitives, restoring themselves as the Terrigen Fog disperses. Now in control of his abilities, Dante befriends the Inhumans where he takes up their offer to live part-time on Attilan.

In "The Inhuman Condition", Inferno had obtained a special suit that could withstand his powers. He is among the Inhumans that were captured by Ultron, although he is later freed by the Avengers. In "The Kids Are All Right", Captain America and Iron Man find Inferno fighting a stray Ultron robot where their fight leads them to a hotel. With help from Inferno's new friend Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, and Inferno destroy the Ultron drone. Captain America later gives Inferno and Ms. Marvel a tour of Avengers Tower which is disrupted when Iron Man's old enemy Ghost attacks. Inferno and Ms. Marvel work with Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Falcon to defeat Ghost.


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