Huh, who said that?!
―Indie to herself in Woodshop class
Indira ''Indie'' Metha was one of the major characters of Disney Channel's UK television series, 'How To Be Indie'. In the show, Indie, along with her friends, go through mayhem, romance and embarrassment in their teenage life. She is friends with Abi Flores, and Marlon Parks, both whom known Indie for a very long time. Her parents, Jyoti, and Vikram, make her life very embarrassing. Indie attends High School, and is put up with day-to-day challenges. At times, she has ongoing wars with either, her sister, Chandra, or cousin Ruby.

Indie is portrayed by Melinda Shankar.


Indie is a smart, nice and friendly girl who puts up with any challenges. She seems to try an get her own way in life, and sometimes, that is just not the case. Around her family, she acts childish (at times), and this causes lack of trust from her parents. Indie also tries to act tough, when she tries to prove something to someone. Overall, she is a great person.