Incredicoaster is an Incredibles-themed roller coaster located in the Pixar Pier section of Disney California Adventure. It is one of the park's newest rides, and is the only roller coaster at the Disneyland Resort to feature an inversion. Its top speed of 55 miles per hour (89 km/h) makes it the fastest ride at the Disneyland Resort and one of the fastest rides at any Disney theme park. It replaced California Screamin', which closed on January 8, 2018, as part of the new Pixar Pier[1] and in conjunction with the release of the film Incredibles 2.


The Incredicoaster is set after the events of Incredibles 2. To honor the superhero family's work in protecting the city, the citizens of Municiberg have renamed and rededicated the rollercoaster at the local amusement park after the Incredibles. A queue pre-show video features interviews with the family and Edna Mode as they attend the opening. However, with Jack Jack and Edna being too short to ride, they end up waiting for the family in the VIP lounge near the loading station, which has been reconstructed into a Mid-Century Modern structure.

As the ride begins, Jack Jack escapes, prompting a chase around the rollercoaster to retrieve him. The launch sequence at the start of the ride is called out by Dash Parr, who can be seen narrowly avoiding Jack Jack's lasers inside the first tunnel. The next tunnel features Elastigirl stretching out to catch Jack Jack, though his gooey form makes it hard to get a good grip of him. As guests drop out from the tunnel, Mr. Incredible tries luring Jack Jack with a cookie and the coaster train proceeds to the loop. When Jack Jack's fire abilities pop up in the next tunnel, Violet Parr uses her forcefields to try and extinguish them while protecting the coaster passengers. Jack Jack then begins to multiply and numerous babies can be seen floating around the track. Finally, Jack Jack returns to Edna, having trashed most of the lounge when going into his giant form, ending the ride.


Elastigirl: Edna, keep your eye on jack-jack.

Edna: And the baby is gone. 

Elastigirl: Edna!

Mr. Incredible: Dash, go get him.

Dash: Head back, face forward, and hold on.

Dash: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!

Dash: Hey no lasers jack-jack!

Mrs Incredible: Dash, Did you get him?

Dash: He just Disappeared!

Edna: The baby has teleported to the Next tunnel!

Elastigirl: Got it!

Elastigirl: Hey sweetie, come to mommy. No, no, no, no. Don’t go gooey. Aww jack-jack!

Mr. Incredible: Cookie? Nom-nom cookie? Cookie? Nom-nom cookie?

Dash: Whoa! He set the Tunnel on fire!

Elastigirl: Violet, We need your ForceField!

Mr. Incredible: No, no. Jack-jack.

Mr. Incredible: Violet.

Violet: Just relax, everything’s cool.

Mr Incredible: Now he's Dupligating!


Edna: And the Little one Returns!

Mrs Incredible: Thank Goodness! Sorry that got a little crazy, Baby's can be a little unpredictable!

Dash: Yeah Mom! Super-Baby's!


  • The Incredicoaster zooms across more than 6,000 feet of track almost 1 1/8 miles making it the longest coaster at the Disneyland Resort.
  • Elastigirl, appears in the second tube of the Incredicoaster, stretching herself 53 feet from head to toe as she tries to grab baby Jack-Jack.
  • Jack-Jack appears 19 times throughout the attraction.
  • It took eight people to haul the Mr. Incredible figure up the coaster track to his final position on the Incredicoaster, in the second tube.[2]



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