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"In the Middle of the River" is a deleted song from Pocahontas. John Smith and Pocahontas need to find a place where they can be alone. Pocahontas then quotes her mother "Whenever there is anger and hatred on both sides of the river, you can always find a place of peace in the middle of the river."



When the land is full of anger

When the fists of hate are shook

When there is no common ground to be found

Where to look

John Smith:

We will meet in the middle of the river

We will hide in the heart of a cloud

If that's the place where we can be together

We'll be there somehow

I would sail to the sources of the ocean

I would climb to the foot of the stars

If that's what it takes for us to be together

We will live in the middle of the river

Pocahontas & (John Smith):

In your eyes is a promise I believe in

In your smile is the path to my heart

In this life we will be together even

If we live in the middle of the river

(Middle of the river)


And now, seeing the love in your eyes, it will carry me through

The power of all the storms in the skies couldn't shake me

Or tear me or take me from you

Not from you

I don't know what they hate so much about you

I don't know what they cannot forgive

All I know is I couldn't live without you

Though we live in the middle of the river

(Dance break)

And now, now that I know what it's worth

To have you in my heart

I'll scour every last inch of the earth

For a place where they won't try to break us apart

And if the only time for us is never

If there's nowhere with shelter to give

We will go where the wild winds make the weather

To the edges of forever

But we will be together

If we live in the middle of the river

Pocahontas & (John Smith):

If there is no land for us, where can we look?

(In the middle of the river)

Lathuso Utitaia Norwottuck

In the middle of the river

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