In The Fur of Another is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


In the Fur of Another begins with Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands, running away from Zazu who is trying to teach the cub another lesson on becoming king. Simba decides to run off, saying "...what if I don't want to be king? Sometimes I don't even want to be a lion!". He sees all the different animals at the waterhole, and sees all the animals are not the same as they have different colors, sizes, and shapes. So, Simba decides to get some help, and finds Rafiki teaching other mandrills how to make black paint. After Rafiki leaves from his teachings, Simba approaches Babu asking if he can help him, to which Babu replies he can. Later, Babu uses the black paint to paint some stripes on Simba's pelt fur to make him look like a zebra. At the same time, Nala, Simba's friend, sees this, and with help from Babu, she'll play a joke on Simba.

Simba joins up with a zebra herd and his zebra friend, Zebby, hoping Zazu will never find him. However, Zazu, who is flying above the zebra herd, sees Simba's disguise, and decides to let Simba learn that zebras are black and white. After Simba walks up to Zebby, some zebras in his herd notice that is Simba. After a little while, Simba gets bored, as zebras do nothing, but graze in the grass all day long. Then, Nala, with spotted spots of black paint on her pelt fur, pops out from a bush to scare Simba. The other zebras mistaken Nala for a cheetah, and run away in a stampede. Simba sees Nala's disguise, and a couple of cheetahs, hiding from the bushes, see the zebra herd run away, pop from behind the bushes and corner Simba and Nala at a cliff.

The cheetahs angrily tell them that they are angry that they scared away the zebras, but, luckily, Zebby and his herd cause a small landslide, and the cheetahs run off. After falling into a pool of water, Simba and Nala lose their stripes and spots. Zazu flies to them telling the cubs that Zebby saved them from the cheetahs. Finally, Simba finds it is very educational to be a different animal, but he would rather stay a lion.

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