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"In a Place of Miracles" is a song sung by Phoebus (Alan Menken) and Esmeralda (Heidi Mollenhauer) plus Clopin and Quasimodo in Disney's 1996 animated film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


This deleted sequence was going to be a romantic gypsy song that focused on the budding romance between Esmeralda and Phoebus. The song would have occurred right after Esmeralda stops Clopin from hanging Quasimodo and Phoebus. Though not included in the film, the song has since been revived in the U.S. stage musical production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. [1]


Esmeralda: What's happening to me?

My heart is pounding so fast.

Phoebus: What sort of place it this?

Where we're together at last.

Both:Where our misgivings are past

And we're together at last

Esmeralda: Here we are, nearly strangers

From two worlds that have rarely met

But tonight you are dancing

In my heart

Phoebus: Look how far

We have travelled

And the journey's not over yet

For I'm feeling I just might

Let you win my heart

Both: Can this sweet delusion be true?

Am I really here holding you?

I must be

In a Place of Miracles

Esmeralda: Where the blind can see

Both In a Place of Miracles

Phoebus: Love can work its alchemy

Both: The solider and the gypsy

Dance in an embrace

In a Place of Miracles

Phoebus: Like this place, safe and secret

I have hidden my heart away

'Til tonight

It was known to only me

Esmeralda: See my face

Always laughing

That's just part of the part I play

That's just part of this masquerade if only me

Both: But now I can drop all disguise

When I see myself in your eyes

I know I'm…

In a place of miracles!

Where my heart is free

To believe in miracles

Like you here in love with me!

Phoebus: And all my rusty armor

Gone without a trace

In a Place of Miracles

Esmeralda: In a Place of Miracles

Phoebus: In a Place 

Both: Of Miracles

Clopin (speaking): Where are you going? The party has just begun.
Has no one offered you a drink? Everyone, a toast to love.

Phoebus (speaking): A toast to Quasimodo. Without your help, my friend.
I never would've found my true love.

Esmeralda (speaking): Thank you, Quasimodo. (kissing him in the cheek)

Quasimodo (speaking): To love and friendship.

Clopin: (speaking) Spoken like a true gypsy.

(singing) There's a place in the city

There's a chance you may chance upon

Where the true

Hidden you is clear to see

Where your secret self is revealed

And your deepest wounds will be healed


Both: In a Place of Miracles

Clopin: Love will hold the key

Both: To a Place of Miracles!

Clopin: To a new reality.

Both: Here we are together

In a state of grace

Phoebus: In a Place of Miracles

Esmeralda: In a Place of Miracles

Clopin: In a Place

Everyone: Of Miracles.

Phoebus: Here we are, nearly strangers

From two worlds that have rarely met

But somehow, you have made me

Someone new

Trav'ling far on a journey

That’s the longest I’ve taken yet

Now I’m asking if you will let me

Come with you

Though our lives are tattered and torn

All I’m feeling now is reborn

I must be
In a Place of Miracles

Esmeralda: Where the blind can see

Phoebus and Esmeralda: In a Place of Miracles

Phoebus: A miracle you’ve brought to me

Phoebus and Esmeralda: The soldier and the gypsy

Locked in an embrace

In a Place of Miracles

Quasimodo: I knew I’d never know

That warm and loving glow
Though I might wish with all my might

No face as hideous as my face
Was ever meant for Heaven’s light

Esmeralda: All this time, I’ve been certain

That my life would be spent alone

Quasimodo: This time, it’s time, I’ve learned

No love will be returned

To one who was born to be alone

Esmeralda: And what's more, I’ve pretended

Not to care

Quasimodo: Who looks both laughable and frightening

Phoebus: But now I’m here beside you

Quasimodo: And now I know there’ll be

No miracles for me

Phoebus and Esmeralda: No more need for a heart of stone

Quasimodo: Better to have a heart of stone!

Phoebus and Esmeralda: Though we set out for lands unknown

They're lands we’ll share

Quasimodo: That holds no hope for Heaven’s light

Gypsies: Will we reach a friendlier shore?

Will we find a haven once more?

Where we'll be

In a place of miracles

Now we leave our home

For a place of miracles

Clopin: Romanies again must roam

Could there be a country kinder to our race?

Gypsies: In a place of miracles

Quasimodo: Where’s my place of miracles?

Phoebus: In a place

All: Of miracles!



  1. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame Know Before You Go", at the lajollaplayhouse website

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