"Improbably Knot" is a song played by Baljeet in "Primal Perry", explaining to Phineas, Ferb, and Buford his inability to make decisions.


Baljeet: Don't know which choice to choose when people ask
Not sure which task to take, or take to task
I don't know which is best, or which is bad
I'm like a question mark, or hanging chad
Even doing nothing is still a choice like I must make
I'm paralyzed by fear that it will all become a big mistake
Robots: Everything is probable, nothing is impossible
Choices left to random chance are highly irresponsible(X2)
Baljeet: March, my little off-the-shelf 3-D package robots!
I do not know what to choose!
I do not want to lose!
Robots: Everything is probable, nothing is impossible

Background Information

  • Baljeet uses contractions in this song for the second time ("Gimme a Grade"), despite his fear of them ("Monster from the Id").
  • The song is styled after the music and music videos of Devo.
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