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If I Didn't Have You
Originally performed by
Composer Randy Newman
Performer(s) John Goodman and Billy Crystal
Feature films Monsters, Inc.
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Albums Monsters, Inc.
Disney on Ice 25th Anniversary
The Best Disney Album in the World ...Ever!
Disney Modern Classics
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Emily Osment ft. Mitchel Musso - If I Didn't Have You (Official Music Video) HD

"If I Didn't Have You" is a song featured in the credits of the 2001 Disney Pixar film Monsters, Inc., written by Randy Newman and performed by John Goodman as Sulley and Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski. The song sings about the humorous, but touching friendship between Mike & Sulley. The song also won an Academy Award for Best Original Song making it the first time Newman won an Oscar. The song was also nominated for AFI's 100 years...100 songs, as one of 3 songs from Pixar and one of 17 songs from an animated movie to be nominated. The songs that eventually made the cut were "When You Wish Upon A Star" (#7), "Some Day My Prince Will Come" (#19), "Beauty and the Beast" (#62) and "Hakuna Matata" (#99). Hannah Montana co-stars Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso also recorded their own Dance Pop cover version for the Disneymania 6 album.

This song was also performed by the Western band Riders in the Sky on its 2002 album Monsters, Inc. Scream Factory Favorites, listed also as Track 1.


If I were a rich man
With a million or two
I'd live in a penthouse
In a room, with a view

And if I were handsome
(No way)
It could happen
Those dreams do come true
I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have you

Wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have
Wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have
Wouldn't have nothin'

Can I tell you something?
For years I have envied
(You green with it)
Your grace and your charm
Everyone loves you, you know?
(Yes I know, I know, I know)

I must admit it, big guy
You always come through
I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have you

You and me together
That's how it
Always should be
One without the other
Don't mean nothing to me
Nothing to me

I wouldn't be nothin'
(Aw now)
If I didn't have you
To serve

I'm just
A punky little eyeball
And a funky optic nerve
Hey, I never told you this

I get a little blue
(Looks good on you)
But I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have you

Let's dance (haha)
Look, Ma, I'm dancin'
Would you let me lead?

Look at
That's it two big guys
Who are light on their feet

Don't you dare dip me
Don't you dare dip me
Don't you dare dip me
Ow, I should have stretched

Yes, I wouldn't be nothin'
If I didn't have you
(I know what you mean, Sulley, because)

I wouldn't know
Where to go
(Me too because I)
Or know, what to do
(Why do you keep singin' my part?)
I don't have to say it
(Aw, say it anyway)
Cause we both know
It's true

I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have
I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have
I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have
Wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have

One more time! Big one!

Don't have to say it
Where'd everybody come from?
Oh, we both know it's true
Let's take it home, big guy

I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have
I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have
I wouldn't have nothin'
If I didn't have

You, you, you
That means you

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