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Sherie Rene Scott as Ursula


Tyler Maynard and Derrick Baskin as Flotsam and Jetsam

"I Want the Good Times Back" is a song sung by Ursula, the sea witch, Flotsam and Jetsam, and her Chorus of Minion Eels in the Musical version of The Little Mermaid. During the song Ursula begins to form her plan to overthrow her brother, King Triton, and reclaim the Sea as it's Queen.

The song was later replaced with a new song "Daddy's Little Angel", when the revised version of the show went on tour, which is the version that will be found in the licensed version of the show too.


When daddy dear was floating on his deathbed
He divvied up the kingdom into two
I got his magic shell
And half the sea as well
His trident went to--

You know who his trident went to--don't you, babies!

My reign--why, it was blissfully delicious!
And glamour, glitz and style were au courante
Did I use some black magic?
Well, oopsie--my bad!
Did I mutilate, maim and destroy?
Just a tad!
And for that, I get banished!
But me, I'm not mad
There's just one little thing that I want...
Just one teensy thing that I want:

I want the good times back!
I want those grand ol' days!
I want the twisted nights
The sick delights
The wild soirees!
I want those trembling crowds of shellfish
Cracked and peeled for me to dine
Not because I'm mean or selfish--


URSULA (Sung):
I only want what's mine!
I want disgusting wealth!
I want exquisite sin!
Want the entire sea
To worship me
On bended fin!
I want to greet my loving subjects
And then have them as a snack!

Remember those good times?
I want them back!

Picture it, my sucklings. Pretty soon, we'll be back on top! Sipping bubbly... eating caviar before it hatches! King Triton
is the only thing that stands in our way. If only I can find his Achilles heel... the soft quivering underbelly, beneath all
that armor... I'll dethrone him! De-bone him! And then boys... oh, boys... we're back in business!
All together now:

You'll bring the good times back!
Resume your wacky fun!
Restore the joyful charm
Of causing harm
To everyone!

I want to make the merfolk cower
Like they did in days of yore
Sure, it's sheer abuse of power--


URSULA (Sung):
Ain't that what power's for?
I want to taste their tears!
I want to hear their screams!
I want the special rush
You get from from crushing
Hopes and dreams!

It's more than simply sentimental--

It's an aphrodisiac!

Remember those good times!

Oh God, were they good times!

It's time for more good times!

Let's get 'em back!
If only I had a way
To make him pay
I'd set ol' Triton straight!





His daughters...



Why didn't we think of that before? His youngest!

FLOTSAM (Spoken):
The one with the beautiful voice?

URSULA (Spoken):
Which she takes for granted! A woman doesn't know how precious her voice is until she's been silenced. Ha! Perhaps we could
teach them both a lesson...

I want the little girl!

FLOTSAM (Spoken):

And boys, I want her bad!

JETSAM (Spoken):

I want her sitting here
To lure her dear
Devoted dad!


I want my goody-goody brother
To come rescue her - the sap!
And then one way or another--


I'll spring the trap!
And get the good times back!
I mean with all the perks!
The trident, crown, the throne--
All mine alone!
The whole damn works!

But most of all, I want ol' Triton
Pinned and wriggling on the rack
Then, fellas, it's my time!
And frankly, it's high time!
Those fabulous good times...
They're coming back!


She didn't waste much time
The little shameless tease
One sunset’s barely through
And Princey-Poo is on his knees
They'll be smooching by day two, boys
If she keeps it up like this
So there's just one thing to do, boys


Go up and block that kiss!


I bet her Daddy's worried bad
And wondering where she's been

Soon he'll guess
And then, oh yes!
The real fun can begin!

Onward and upwards my live wires!
And stop that lip lock!

Yes, your wretchedness!

So let the clock run out
Their time is almost up
And once they're trapped
I'll have them wrapped
Around my suction cup
With my tentacles around them
I'll at last be back on track
And headed for good times
Deliciously good times
Two days!
And the good times
They're coming back!

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