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"I Wanna Be a Boy" is the opening song to Teacher's Pet and the film spun off from the series.

Teachers Pet The Movie DVD- Intro-002:05

Teachers Pet The Movie DVD- Intro-0

Movie version

Disney's Teacher's Pet Intro V00:56

Disney's Teacher's Pet Intro V.1


The movie version is performed by Nathan Lane as Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready II, Sean Flemming as Leonard Helperman, Jerry Stiller as Pretty Boy, David Ogden Stires as Mr. Jolly, Mae Whitman as Leslie Dunkling, Lauren Tom as Younghee Mandlebom, Cree Summer as Chelsey and Kelsey, Rob Paulsen as Ian Wazselewski and Pamela Adlon as Tyler, Trevor, and Taylor.


TV Version

Singer: Born on the wrong end of the leash,

He was a dreamer

Chorus: And a little schemer

Pretty Boy: (Spoken) A dirty mutt living a dog's life

Singer: But when he'd hear the bell for school

Chorus: He started to drool

One day he said,

Spot Helperman: I'll take a chance!

Chorus: Trade his leash for a pair of pants

Singer: In a glance, school becomes his favorite pastime

Spot: I have buried a bone for the last time!

Spot: I wanna be a boy!

Kids: He's so over just being rover

Spot: I gotta be a boy!

Chorus: This teacher's pet's gonna be a boy!

Singer: Turns out he's a regular Einstein,

And Leonard is treadin' a fine line

Leonard Helperman: (Spoken) Why can't I be a normal kid like any other?

Mary-Lou Helperman: (Spoken) Now, doodlebug, listen to mother!

Spot: I wanna be a boy!

Chorus: Lost his collar, now he's a scholar!

Spot: I gotta be a boy!

Chorus: This power pup's gonna be a boy!

Spot: (Spoken) I do not wish to be a dog

Chorus: Now this Bowser's ready for trousers!

Spot: I gotta be a boy!

Chorus: His nose is wet, but you can bet,

He's teacher's pet he's gonna be a boy!

Spot: Yes!

Movie version









Ears in cap?

Ooh, a table scrap!





World, here I come!

Spot: Born on the wrong end of the leash,

I was a dreamer

Houses: And a little schemer!

Spot: A simple mutt living the dog's life

But the bell for school would make me drool!

`Til I came up with this clever ploy

Fire Hydrant: Which is to say, dressing like a boy

Dogs: Now he thinks he can take other pets a peg down

Spot: Hey, I'm a dog who's learned to keep his leg down!

I gotta be a boy!

Cats: He's so over just being rover

Spot: I gotta be a boy!

Kids: This teacher's pet thinks that he's a boy!

Squirrel: (Spoken) He the bomb!

Kids: He's a regular whiz kid

Leonard: (Spoken) Yeah, but,

Spot: Hey, that's how it is, kid.

Leonard: Now that summer's here, be a dog like any other

Spot: Leonard, Haven't you always wanted a brother?

Leonard: I wanna have a dog!

Spot: Hey, I'm off the leash now

Girls: He's eating quiche now

Spot: I Gotta be a boy

Leslie: A boy, and nothing but a boy

Leonard: (Spoken) Don't you think you're stretching?

Spot: Quit you're confetching

Tyler, Trevor, and Taylor: He's Gotta be a boy

Leonard: Spot, you can fake it, but you'll never be a boy!

Spot: But soft, could what he says is true?

Is this really just a phase I'm going through?

Leonard: (Spoken) I sure hope so!

Spot: Should I go back to serving man?

Eat wholesome dinners from a can?

Who needs French and scoring goals?

Come on, let's bark and dig some holes!

(Spoken: What am I, nuts!? Leonard, wake up and smell the kibble!)

I gotta be a boy!

Leonard: Scott, sit and stay now!

Spot: What did you say now?

Kids:He's gotta be a boy!  

Spot: I've got to be

Leonard: It's not to be

Spot: I long to be

Leonard: You're wrong to be

Spot: It's great to be

Kids: Good trait to be

Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly: We'd hate to be

Spot: Can't wait to be

Emma: My mate to be

Leonard: Too late to be

Spot:It's my fate to be...

Scott and the kids: A boy!

Leonard: A dog!

Spot, Leslie, and Younghee: A boy!

Leonard: A dog!

Spot: A boy!

Leonard: A dog!

Spot: A boy!

Leonard: Dog!

Spot: Boy!

Leonard: Dog!

Spot: Boy!

Leonard: Dog!

Spot: Boy!

Leonard: Dog!

Spot & Leonard: Boy, Dog, Boy, Dog, Boy, Dog, Boy, Dog, Boy, Dog, Boy, Dog, Boy, Dog, Boy, Dog,

Spot and the other kids (except Leonard): Boy!!!!!!!!!!

Spot: (Spoken) Boy!

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