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"I Wanna Be Like M-O-You" is a song sung by King Larry, Mickey Mouse, and the Bandar-log in the House of Mouse episode; "King Larry Swings In."

In this episode, King Louie's identical twin brother, King Larry, comes as a guest to the House of Mouse and starts wrecking it. Mickey finally convinces him to learn to behave himself like a gentleman; learning that all that Larry wanted was to be like him, similar to how his brother wants to be like humans.

Since Larry had chased away the club's scheduled musical act, the gang was without one. Larry suggests that he and Mickey perform together to replace them. As King Larry is a parody of King Louie, his song is a parody of Louie's song, I Wanna Be Like You.


[Larry with echoes from the Bandar-log]

Now I may be the king of the jungle but, around here I've been a fool.

I dig the Mouse that gigs in this House, I wish I could be so cool.

Oh, MM, what's your secret? How ya done it all these years?

Tell me the scoop, put me in the loop; Hey, Mickey! I'm all ears!

Oh, Mickey, ooh! (M-I-C!) I wanna be like M-O-You! (K-E-Y!)

I wanna sing like you, (ooh!) swing like you, (ooh!) too-oo-oo. (Why, because o' why?)

Mickey, it's tru-uu-uue. (M-O-U-S-E!) A monkey like me-ee-ee (M-O-N-K-E-Y!)

Wants to learn to be, like that mouse, Mickey, yeah!

[Mickey with echoes from Larry]

Ah, King Larry, don't cha worry. (Yeah?) Just be yourself, that's all! (Cool!)

Don't jump around, relax! Sit down! And please don't climb up that wall! (Whoah!)

[Larry with echoes from Mickey]

I'll be on my best behavior. (I hope so!) I'll get dressed and comb my hair. (Well, that's a start.)

I'll sit up right (Uh-huh?) and act polite, and leave the jungle out there! (Ha!)

[Larry with echoes from the Bandar-log]

M-I-C! (K-E-Y!) I wanna be like thee-ee-ee! (M-O-U-S-E!)

I wanna hang with you, (Ooh!) and Minnie, too! (Ooh!) She's so cool! (Dedededede!)

[Mickey with echoes from the Bandar-log]

King Larry, yoo-hoo-hoo! (King Larry!) I-lauy-yuh-lee-hee-hee! (M-O-U-S-E!)

The King of Cool and that's cool by me!

Larry: Take me home, Mousey! Just be cool, like that mouse Mickey!

Mickey: One more time!

Larry and Mickey: I wanna be cool and that's cool by meeeee!


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