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"I Saw a Dragon" is a song in Pete's Dragon.


A dragon, a dragon,
I swear I saw a dragon,
A green and seething,
Fire-breathing monstrous in sight!

With eyes of red and lion's head
And wings as dark as night
He has a jaw of gleaming teeth,
He's fifty feet in height!

It's true, it's true
Oh what are we to do?
It's true, it's true,
He'll break us all in two!

Oh he's coming in,
His great big fin is right against the door!
So board up all the windows
And get down on the floor.....
(After Nora enters the tavern)

A dragon, a dragon,
I swear I saw a dragon!

His tail lashing,
He'll be smashing,
Every shop in town!

With scaly feet,
He'll crack the street
And tear the steeple down!

It's not some loony dream,
I heard a scream from Sheriff Brown!

It's true, it's true
Oh what are we to do?
It's true, it's true,

'Ole Lampie's in a stew!

A dragon, a dragon,
'Ole Lampie saw a dragon!

He's bleary eyed,
He's ossified,
He's tighter than a tick!

He had too much to drink today,
So call a doctor quick!

I better take him home to bed
Before you make him sick!

We're sunk, we're sunk!

Go on with ye, ya drunk,
A dragon, a dragon,
He says he saw a dragon!

The game is done,
You've had your fun,
My dad's been through enough!

So won't you all behave yourselves?
I don't want any guff!
Your like a bunch of little boys who play at being tough!

You'll see, you'll see,
You've met your match in me!

Oh you always jeer and laugh and sneer,
But look across the square,

Alright we'll go and take a look...
There's ab-sol-ut-ley....
Nothing anywhere!

It was there!
A dragon, a dragon,
I swear there was a dragon!

Your off your hinges,
All those minges
Put you in a haze

You crazy fools,
It's your doggone fault he's in a daze
Let go of me, let go of me
And mend your wicked ways!

What makes you think there ever was,
There, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never,

A dragon, a dragon
You bet we saw a dragon
So big and brave, he came to
save a village in distress
He kept the ship from crashing
when he heard the S.O.S.
He faced a group of villains
and he fought them with success
He's great
He's great
A chum
A pal
A mate

A dragon, a dragon
We're proud to love a dragon
Before he came to fight the storm,
the night was dark and dim
Now everyone in town is
safe again because of him
He filled the ocean full of fish
He packed it to the brim
We want it known
that he's our very own.

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