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"I Found a New Friend" is a song from Herbie Goes Bananas. The song is first heard when Paco and Herbie are reunited and drive off to explore the open road of Panama. At the end of the film the song is heard again only to have a different ending.


A friend
It takes one to be one
Take some time 'til the light starts shining'
On a friendship

A friend
Step up if you need one
Stick out your hand
They should understand it's a friendship

A Buenos Dias
Come on try
A pat on the back
A blink of the eye
That's what friends are for
And remember this, Charro
They'll stick with you
Today and tomorrow

It's nice if you got one
But it's nicer if you're not one to stop
From looking' for more
The world is full of people who need you so much
A million hearts there to touch
And I bet you a banana
Manana you'll have a new friend!

And I bet you a banana
Manana you'll have a new friend!

A friend
It's nice when you see one
But it's nicer when you be one

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