I could have laughed all night

This is them doing their little comedy show

I Could Have Laughed All Night is an episode from 'The Book of Pooh'. In this episode, Kessie told Tigger that his laugh was funny, but Tigger mistook it for an insult. Later when he found out that Kessie thought it was a good laugh, Tigger was happy, But then when he tried to laugh, he couldn't. Pooh and Piglet tried to help him, but nothing worked, but then pooh got an idea to have Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore, and himself to tell Tigger jokes. Unfortunately that didn't work, but when Pooh started arguing with Rabbit that they should keep going a few minutes, the stage started falling apart. When Tigger looked back around at them all trying to fix the stage, Tigger started laughing again.