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"I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College" is a song in Schoolhouse Rock! The song teaches us about the Electoral College.


Cheerleaders, as a cheer:
E-L-E-C-TOR-AL Electoral College - we've got a tale to tell!
Sung by voting box: So what if we don't have a football team?
At least we never have to write a theme. No classes,
no professors, no tuition,
Yet we're the goal of every politician. With cheerleaders:
Cuz everyone who graduates becomes the president.

Ta Da!

I'm gonna send your vote to college,
When you vote for president,
And if you'll let me share some knowledge,
You'll understand this big event!

The folks who wrote our Constitution
Had the idea for this plan, And it's been used in our elections
Since our government began.

<extra loud> TA DAAAAAAAA!

When you pull down on my levers for the person of your choice,
You're also choosing state electors, who will have the final voice.
They're called the electoral college, and they'll
meet to stipulate Who the voters have selected
to be the winner in each state.

Now, the number of electors That your state is going to get
Is based on total population That's a formula that's set.

And when the popular vote is counted
To find a winner in each state, Each state will
pledge all of its electors To choose the winning candidate!

Winning candidate: I like it! I like it!

Cheerleaders: E-L-E-C-TOR-AL Electoral College -
and we deserve a yell!

And even if the vote is close,
And someone wins by just a little, tiny hair,
Electors give that person all their votes,
And it's considered fair and square!

I'm gonna send your vote to college
When you vote for president, And now the electoral college
Will work the way our founders meant.

Spoken by vote box: So what if they
don't have a big macho football team?
Sung, with cheerleaders: It's every politician's special dream!
Vote box: 'Cuz everyone who graduates,
With cheerleaders: Yes, everyone who graduates,
Everyone who graduates becomes the president! Ta Da!

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