Hyve is the dragon belonging to Army of the Dragon leader Wulph. Hyve is a purple draconium Pack-class dragon and, like Wyldfyr, is bipedal. Hyve is a speedy dragon who usually has Purple Energy Drain Whips equipped with her and Wulph. When teamed with the other purple dragons in the Army of the Dragon, she can be very strong.

Wulph is the only person that she trusts with complete confidence. As with all purple dragons, she has a distinctly wolf-like appearance. She is distinguished from the other purple dragons in the crew by a scar on her right eye. Hyve and Wulph once worked for word paynn in "The Chromatic Dragon".

She is often equipped with purple energy drain whips and she works well in a team. Unfortunately, Hyve has not had an opportunity to show us much of her personality yet, so little is known about her other than that she forms a solid team with Wulph. Since she is a Pack-class dragon, one can assume that she would be fiercely loyal to Wulph.

One of the creators of the show, Rob Travalino, stated that Hyve is actually female.