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"Hurricane Hannah" is an episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It aired on December 16, 1962.


The story of a hurricane from its birth, told with the cooperation of the U.S. Weather Bureau National Hurrican Center in Miami. It is spotted first as an unusual cloud formaton by a weather satellite, then the meteorologists follow its progress as it grows to a full-blown hurricane and threatens Galveston, Texas. Stars (as themselves) Gorden E. Dunn, Cmdr. Joshua Langfur, Lt. John Lincoln. Narrated by Robert P. Anderson. Hurricane Hannah is a composite storm, made up of film clips of some of the worst hurricanes to hit the U.S. After a weather satellite locates the hurricane in the mid-Atlantic, the Weather Bureau, Coast Guard and Navy move into action and a Navy hurricane-hunter plane flies into the center of the storm. "Hannah" smashes across Florida and out into the gulf, then heads for Texas.


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