Hurricane Castle is a 1954 Mickey Mouse story.


Mickey, Minnie and Pluto are having a picnic, but Mickey forgets to open the circulation of the stove and the smoke covers everyone. When they are about to eat, a hurricane ruins the picnic, and they find several other hurricanes in the way home, until they find a castle as the source of the winds. Inside, they find a man called Professor Huraaani, who Pluto distrusts of, and with reason, as the Professor puts Pluto inside the machine, whose winds throw Pluto away.

Huraaani plans to activate a wind of a thousand miles per hour, something nobody could resist, so Minnie sings a lullaby to make him sleep while Mickey checks the machine. Huraaani awakens, but Pluto returns and bites him. Mickey takes Minnie and Pluto and runs away, and when Huraaani activates his machine, the castle blows up. Mickey explains that he closed the circulation of the wind machine, following the same principle as with the stove. The contained winds throw Huraaani to an eagle's nest.