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The Humpback Whales are the primary stars of Pines of Rome in Disney's 1999 film Fantasia 2000, sequel to the 1940 film Fantasia. These humpback whales are capable of flying in the skies.


Papa Whale

The leader of the humpback whales, Papa Whale is the most responsible for the joys in the iceberg in the starry night. He once sprayed water out of his spout to scare the seagulls.

Mama Whale

The wife of Papa Whale. She finds her baby trapped inside the iceberg and helps him escape because she is a very protective mother.

Baby Whale

The smallest of the whales in this segment. This little whale is very good at jumping high unlike his parents and the rest of the grownup whales. Trying to get away from the seagulls, he accidentally crashes the bottom of the iceberg trapping himself which makes him in the water again.

Other Whales

All these whales are summoned by Papa Whale who knows that the flashing star symbolizes that they will migrate.


Fantasia 2000

The segment Pines of Rome begins with the creation of the icebergs by starlight and Papa Whale is first seen coming out of the surface with a big splash. Then appears Mama Whale and Baby Whale who is the smallest in this segment. As the star flashes, all these whales begin to fly in the air.

Disney Parks

World of Color

The Whales appear In the live-nighttime show at Disney California Adventure. They appear in the show's version of the Pines of Rome segment after Dory summons them, by speaking whale.


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