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"Hugh's Not Normous" is the thirty-ninth episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.


Jerry tells Alex that she must be nice to people. When Hugh Normous, a young giant, shows up at the lair, having run away from home, Alex decides to "be nice" by hiding him from her parents while she helps to locate his birth parents. Meanwhile, Max tried to get back at Alex for all her cruel pranks.


  • Put on a show, let's let Hugh know what it's like to grow – decrease the size of a room
  • Roomus Fixus – return a room to its original size

Magical object:

  • History Tree – gives the user information about his family history.

Guest stars: Josh Sussman as Hugh Normous, Clarinda Ross as Cathy Normous, Lee Reherman as Doug Normous, Christopher Neiman as Stu Fineman, Rose Abdoo as Mary Lou Fineman

Note: Alex reveals that she was Vice Chairman Higgenbottom while prank calling Justin. Although, she did not perform this mentioned prank call until season 3 with her brother Max and Uncle Kelbo.

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