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Hudson is a character from the Disney animated TV series, Gargoyles. He is Goliath's mentor, a member of the Manhattan Clan, and, in his younger years, was the leader of the Wyvern Clan.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Hudson is an elderly, tan gargoyle with long, white hair and golden webbing in his wings. His left eye was blinded in a fight with the Archmage, and is now scarred and yellow. His remaining eye is brown. Unlike the other gargoyles, he wears more clothing: a red shirt with black, shoulder armor and tan trousers. He also carries a short sword usually held in the belt of his loincloth.


Hudson heavily believes in the clan's old ways and was at first baffled by the fact that everything in the modern world had a name. He then took the river's name "Hudson" for himself, due to such customs. He always gives advice to his fellow gargoyles whenever they're having problems. Though brave, Hudson does fear losing sight in his good eye. Due to his old age, Hudson contentedly takes to guarding their home and watching TV with Bronx instead of patrolling the city.

Hudson keeps too many of the gargoyles' traditions and ways, once stating, "A Gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air." He keeps his Scottish accent and talks with old Scottish words, often addressing younger folk as "lad" or "lass." He carries a great sense of pride as a warrior and rarely asks for help, even when he needs it. He refuses to show weakness to a stubborn length of refusing to let his clan know of his growing blindness.

Like most of the clan before awakening to Manhattan, Hudson was illiterate, but later made a friend named Jeremy who was a blind man. He taught Hudson how to read and figured out Hudson's race as a gargoyle, which Hudson didn't tell him about because he didn't want to scare Jeremy or lose his friendship. It was his friendship with Jeremy that saved Hudson from losing his good eye when Jeremy convinced Hudson to get eye surgery.


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