"How to Be a Baseball Fan" is an animated short starring Goofy from Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse.


Goofy takes time out from being a participant in sport to join the fans in the bleachers.


  • At one scene where Goofy blows his horn when watching a baseball game, it suggests the use of censored profanity.
  • Pete makes a cameo appearance as one of the baseball players in some scenes.
  • Goofy Jr. from the early-1950s Goofy cartoons makes two cameo appearances in this cartoon, hence marking Goofy Jr. first appearance in animation since Aquamania (1961).
    • Goofy Jr.'s appearance in this cartoon is as a running gag of stealing the baseball from Goofy throughout the second half of the cartoon. His only line of dialogue consist of "Yoink!"