"How Much You Mean to Me/Court Me Slowly" is a deleted song from Disney's 1970 film The Aristocats. It was to have been a duet between Edgar and Elvira, a maid that was later removed from the story. After learning that he was to share Madame Bonfamille's fortune with his co-worker Edgar, would have begun to sing the song as a means of flattering her so that she would consent to marry him and he'd have access to her share. Unfortunately for him, Elvira had been anticipating such events and had been studying a marriage handbook in which the first rule was "never marry in haste". So, she would've begun to sing of romantic things, such as sending flowers and writing poems that Edgar could do first.


Edgar: Do you know how much, how very very much

You mean to me?

Do you know how rich, how very, very rich

Our lives could be?

I value you, I prize you

And that is why I choose you

I alone know what you're worth my dear

I'd die if I would lose you.

If you knew the wealth, the merry, merry wealth

Of joys that wait

On this very day, this very, very day

You'd set the date.

Let us not delay, I pray

Let us marry right away

Let us not waste time, I want to make you mine

Right now, my dear.

ElviraCourt me slowly

Send me pretty flowers

I need time for plans and bridal showers.

Invitations must be engraved

Preparations must be made.

Buy me bon-bons

Take me dinner dancing

Write me poems

Do your sweet romancing. 

Whisper nothings in my ear

Coax me, court me

Slowly, dear

The Aristocats Complete Soundtrack-38-How Much You Mean To Me Court Me Slowly (Version 1)

The Aristocats Complete Soundtrack-38-How Much You Mean To Me Court Me Slowly (Version 1)

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