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Horseshoe Peck is the Best is a song from the Sheriff Callie's Wild West episode Horseshoe Peck. It plays after Peck gets a double ringer.


 Peck's the best horseshoe slinger
My buddy Peck's a real humdinger

 In the wild wild west,
He's better than the rest,
Horseshoe Peck is the best.

Peck: Thanks, but I'm really not that good.
Priscilla: My turn to play ya, Peck!
All: A double ringer!
Uncle Bun: Peck wins again!

Toby, Dirty Dan, etc.: How does he do the things he does
Farmer Stinky, Uncle Bun, etc.: He's the best there ever was

Farmer Stinky: He's amazing.

Uncle Bun: Three ringers,
All: Peck wins!
Dirty Dan: Four ringers,
All: Peck wins!
Dusty: Five ringers,
All: Peck wins!

Dusty: He's a sports sensation.
Doc: Milkshakes for everyone!
All: (cheering)

 In the wild wild west,
He's better than the rest,
Horseshoe Peck is the best!

Peck: Really, I'm just okay.

All: He throws behind his back with either hand,
Toby: He's the best at horseshoes in the land!

All: In the wild wild west,
He's better than the rest
Horseshoe Peck is the best!

Peck: Well, I guess I'm not too bad.

Mr. Dillo: Did you beat me with a ringer?
Peck: Yes I did.

Priscilla: Then throw a double ringer?
Peck: Yes I did.

Uncle Bun: And get a triple ringer?
Peck: Yes I did.

Tio: Topped off with a quadruple duper ringer?
Peck: Gee, that is pretty good.

Mr. Dillo, Dirty Dan, Uncle Bun, and Farmer Stinky: Peck's the best horseshoe slinger,
All: Our buddy Peck's a real humdinger!

All: In the wild wild west,
He's better than the rest,
Horseshoe Peck, Horseshoe Peck,
Horseshoe Peck is the best!

Peck: Okay, you convinced me. I'm the best!

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