Hootsie 1

Hootsie the Owl (or Wise Little Owl) was an unproduced Disney animated short film developed by conceptual aritist Albert Hurter. Although it was in development at the Disney Studio from 1940 until as late as 1969, it never saw completion.



A young owl named Hootsie, who is hatched during the day, develops the habit of sleeping throughout the evening. Due to his abnormal behaviour, he becomes a constant embarrassment to his parents and does not have any friends. This enables a villainous snake who desires to steal all of the other owls' eggs to trick Hootsie into doing his dark deed for him. However, upon learning of the snake's true nature, the owl spends all night keeping him at bay and retrieving all off the eggs. Upon returning home, Hootsie is so tired that he falls asleep and ends up developing normal a cyrcadian rhythm.    


The story remained the same as in 1940, but with the addition of hypnotic powers for the snake character, similar to Kaa in The Jungle Book.