Honey Haha is a Toon in Toontown Central. She owns The Laughin' Place on Silly Street.

Gag TrainingEdit

The Player can first meet her for gag training after Flippy sends him orher to her. She explains that you need more gag to take on Higher level cogs. Then she ask the player to choose between Toon-Up and Sound Gags. Once the player chooses, he or she can train in that gag track.


The Player will meet her if they hadn't done so already. She informs the player of the Cog Radar and wants him or her to defeat 8 level 2+ Cogs in Toontown Central. After this, the player goes to Toon HQ to collect their reward, A Laff Boost.


  • She is one of three toons Flippy sends the player to for Gag Training. The others are Franz Nelvin and Librarian Larry
  • Of the three, She is the only one that can be visited more than Once