Homespun Crook-catcher is a 1955 Grandma Duck comic story.


Gus Goose goes to the city cinema to watch a movie he has wanted to watch for a long time, so Grandma remains alone at the farm.

Two crooks arrive to Grandma's farm pretending to be two travelers in disgrace so Grandma makes them some eggs and bacon. As Grandma finds Gus didn't cut firewood before leaving, she asks the men to do it as a favor. While they do it, they take the chance to cut the telephone lines (and one of them falls from a tree trying).

Suddenly, Grandma's bull Billy escapes his corral to follow the full moon. Grandpa stops Billy, but not before he accidentally throws one of the crooks to a pond. They decide to steal Grandma's car and leave, but only Grandma knows how to drive that car, and the crooks end crashing. Grandma uses the crooks' own gun to stop them.

Shortly later, Gus returns, disappointed with his movie, because it tries to make you believe an old lady can capture two crooks. Grandma shows him the tied crooks and mentions it isn't so incredible.