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Homeless homer
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Ub Iwerks
Voice unknown
Performance model
Designer Ub Iwerks
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Mischievous, greedy, mean, spoiled, rude, annoying, messy, sloppy, freeloader
Appearance A miniture version of Ortensia
Occupation homeless orphan (in one short), freeloader, slacker, moocher, loafer, advantage taker
Goal To humiliate Oswald every chance he gets
Home Wasteland
Relatives J. P. Whiskers (father)
Ortensia (older sister)
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (brother-in-law)

Bunny Chidren (Nieces & Nephews)
Mickey Mouse (brother in law)

Allies Ortensia
Enemies Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Likes food, attendance, getting what he wants, pestering, taking advantage on everybody, pranks
Dislikes Oswald, proper manners, giving small portions of food, being feed with a baby bottle, baths
Powers and abilities
Fate In "Homeless Homer", Oswald punches him many times after the mischief and chaos he caused and kick him out of his house.

First Appearance: All Wet (1927)

Homer the Cat was a recurring antagonist for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, first appearing as an annoying child in All Wet and later co-starring in other Lantz-era shorts like the short "Homeless Homer". It is presumed that Homer also appears in "Pussy Willie" and once again as the Ortensia's kid brother in Lantz's "The Fireman" (1931).

Homer is a badly behaved and mischievous kitten who often takes advantage of Oswald's kindness, or simply bothers him with pranks. His background and sometimes even his name depends on the short he appears in. Much like Ortensia 's name and background changed depending on the cartoon short. For example. In "Homeless Homer". Homer is an orphaned kitten while in other shorts he is Ortensia's bratty little brother.

A number of kittens with a very similar appearance and disposition appeared as Oswald's cat nephews in the Oswald short "Henpecked" and again appeared as the antagonists in the Mickey Mouse short: Mickey's Orphans.

Appearance in modern comics

Homer makes an surprising return in the Norwegian comic "En magisk jul!" ("Just Like Magic!"). This marks the first Oswald and Ortensia appearance in modern Disney comics outside of the Epic Mickey universe and Homer 's first outing in more than 70 years!

Written by David Gerstein and the art by Mark Kausler. It is based and takes place in the times of the classic Oswald shorts from 1927/1928.

In this comic. Homer is Ortensia's bratty little brother and both have a rich banker father called J. P. Whiskers. Homer wants to embarrass Oswald in front of Ortensia as much as possible.
Oswald Ortensia comic En magisk jul!

Oswald Ortensia and Homer in "En magisk jul!"

His appearance in this comic confirm his name as Homer in the Disney universe.


  • Homer the Cat's more mature appearance in Oh Teacher, in which he's the same size as Oswald, looks a lot like Julius the Cat.

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