Hissy is the pet cat of Bob and one of the main characters in Puppy Dog Pals. She acts as an older sister to Bingo and Rolly.


Like a typical cat, Hissy spends most of her time playing and napping. She is very independent and would rather keep to herself. She has a sarcastic and snarky side mainly when putting up with Bingo and Rolly's antics. Though the pups can get on her nerves at times she loves them as little brothers and likes nothing more than them to be happy.

She can get spooked easily mainly when being awakened when napping or when she is on a crazy adventure with the pups. One of her more notable fears is venturing into pumpkin patches at night as she gets frightened very quickly.


  • She has a similar personality to Mittens from Bolt and Fuli from The Lion Guard, another Disney Junior show.
  • Although her real age is unknown due to the way she acts as a big sister to Bingo and Rolly and how she has some juvenile tendencies she is most likely in the age range of 11-14 years old in human years.

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