Hip Hop Noel

"Hip Hop Noel" is a song from Disney Sing Along Songs: The Twelve Days of Christmas.


Mister Claus,
We know we've got to hustle
But we have worked so hard
So long

May we please
Take a break from all this bustle
And shake it to this funky song?

It's a Merry Christmas rhyme
And it got here just in time

Hip Hop Noel
Complete with a beat
That our feet can groove to
Hip Hop Noel

Hip Hop Noel
We're here with a cheer
Let the spirit move you
Oh, we groove so well!
Hip Hop Noel!

Pretty soon,
We must be strong and steady
To pull you on your sleigh
All night

Dancing now
Sure would help us
To get ready
It's gonna be a
Long, long flight
(Oh, yeah)

We'll get down
And make it quick
Then be back with you
Saint Nick



Thank you Santa
You have made us happy
We'll return to work now
And we'll make it snappy

[chorus x2]

Hip Hop! Hip Hop!
Just can't stop!

Hip! Hop!
Can't stop!

Hip Hop Noel!