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"Highly Unconventional Vehicle" is a song from the episode "Where's Perry?", as the kids build an Highly Unconventional Vehicle to go to the Uncharted Gorge.


Phineas: We need a cheetah's muscle so we can hustle
And a couple big gorilla hands.
Buford: For climbing!
Phineas: Hope your seatbelt's fastened, 'cause the motor's been fashioned
After baboon adrenal glands.
We got a rhino's horn in case we run into trouble,
A big giraffe neck so our reach can double,
The tail was gonna be a snake, I'm glad we used pencil
'Cause a monkey's tail will give us something more prehensile...
It's a highly unconventional vehicle,
It doesn't have wheels or a carburetor,
It doesn't have a windshield, it doesn't have wings,
It doesn't have a heater, but we're at the equator,
So I guess that's not so admirable
'Cause it wouldn't need a heater even if it wasn't such a...
Highly unconventional vehicle (highly unconventional vehicle),
It's a highly unconventional vehicle (highly unconventional vehicle),
It's a highly unconventional vehicle!


  • Greek Mythology: The boy's "vehicle" is similar to that of a Chimera, an ancient creature whose body was composed of several animal parts, including a tail with a snake's head (which was almost put on the machine until they decided on the monkey tail).
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: When the boy's "vehicle" is dancing during the last verse of the song, it's dancing and appearance look similar to Discord and his dancing from the "The Return of Harmony" episodes. Also, Discord is a draconequus, meaning a creature that is a combination of many body parts from different creatures (also similar to the design of the "vehicle".)
  • 127 Hours: The rock walls the "vehicle" climbs up at the end of the song look similar to the canyon walls Aron Ralston was trapped in.
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