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Higher for Hire
Higher For Hire
Background Information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs TaleSpin
Video games TaleSpin (Genesis)
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names Baloo's Air Service (formerly)
Location Cape Suzette
Owner(s) Baloo (formerly)
Rebecca Cunningham
Inhabitants Kit Cloudkicker
Visitors Louie
Molly Cunningham
various clients
Final state Still standing
Higher For Hire (originally called Baloo's Air Service) is a "one plane" delivery service in Cape Suzette delivering cargos to different areas of the world. Their cargo has included fresh produce, fragile wares, dairy, high explosives, ornaments, artifacts, household items and other incredible items.

It was formally managed by Baloo who was also the pilot of the delivery plane the "Sea Duck" (which is kept in the dock outside the building) until he fell into bankruptcy. Rebecca Cunningham bought the contract from the bank and took over the business. Baloo became the original delivery pilot, Kit Cloudkicker was the navigator and Wildcat was the company's mechanic. When Baloo asked why Rebecca had renamed it "Higher for Hire", she said "Higher as in up and Hire as in for money!" Her slogan was "If you're buying, we're flying!"

The main building is the home of Baloo and Kit. It consists of an office (the calls and orders of clients are received there), an upstairs bedroom, kitchen, warehouse (the place where the cargo and other equipment such a plane parts are safely stored away), bathroom and a Watch Tower (The place for looking out and guiding planes, ships and deliveries).


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