"Heroes, Villains and Cows" is a deleted song from Home on the Range sung by the Mariachi Butterflies. It was originally going to be the opening, but You Ain't Home on the Range was chosen at the last minute.


Mariachi Butterflies: (laughing)

Mariachi Butterfly #1: Vaminos!

Mariachi Butterfly #2: Join in, everybody!

Mariachi Butterfly: Gather round, senoris and senors

It's the moment you've all been waiting for.

Mariachi Butterflies: Play your troubles and worries away

and we'll play you a sweet serenade.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: It's a tale of the wild and woolly west.

So sit back and prepare to be impressed.

Mariachi Butterflies: 'Cause we've packed it with more than enough

of the stuff of which legends are made.

Heroes and Villains.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: An exciting stampede and incredible thieves.

Mariachi Butterfly #1: Also.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: Life from the prairies and outlaws and cowboys.

So gather around from the camp 'cause the sun is going down.

Mariachi Butterflies: And there's more than just heroes and villains.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: Desperadoes and rangers and all kinds of dangers.

And not to forget or some counseling strangers

Who's mulcting to town

Marachi Butterfly #1: For especially pals.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: Wait a second, Papi. Did you say cows?

Mariachi Butterfly #1: Si, umberlto, cows. Fantastic heroic cows.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: Do they stampede?

Mariachi Butterfly #1: No. Popped through their pursed severe and bravery, they did things that will shock and amaze you.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: How does stampede?

Mariachi Butterfly #1: I can see we'll have to tell you the story myself.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: What kind of cows can stampede?

Mariachi Butterflies: Heroes and Villains.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: Pioneers, and avocados and wild inspiratos

Mariachi Butterfly #1: And also the cows

Mariachi Butterfly #2: And the blustering broncos.

And the mighty frontier and the most and the moment for a start.

Mariachi Butterfly #1: But it's more than just

Mariachi Butterflies: Heroes and villains.

Mariachi Butterfly #1: It's the whole enchilada from here to ever.

Mariachi Butterfly #2: The cows, don't you worry, we living another.

The cows, the cigarettes, the guns, deaths and fates.

Mariachi Butterflies: And the most important part, heroes and villains...

Mariachi Butterfly #1: And cows.

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