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"Hero in the Family" is an episode of The Disney Sunday Movie. It aired on ABC on September 28, 1986.


A teenage son of an astronaut tries to help his father after he and a chimpanzee switch brains as the result of a space flight mis-hap in which the boy must protect the "chimp" in which his father and is unable to communicate with anyone vocally, plus his father with the chimp's mind from the military personnel and anyone else.


  • Christopher Collet ... Benjamin Reed
  • Cliff De Young ... Digger Reed
  • Annabeth Gish ... Jessie
  • Darleen Carr ... Lisa Reed
  • Keith Dorman ... Ralph
  • David Wohl ... Loudon
  • M. Emmet Walsh ... General Presser
  • Jay Brazeau ... Zoo Guard
  • Bernard Cuffling ... Galleria Manager
  • Don S. Davis ... Capcom
  • Bill Dow ... NASA Technician
  • Deryl Hayes ... Security Man
  • Max Martini ... Student Council Pres (as Max Margolin)
  • Alicia Michelle ... Buffy
  • Stephen E. Miller ... Security Man
  • Robin Mossley ... Mr. Ozone Driver
  • Gordon McIntosh ... Sonny Biker
  • William Nunn ... Express Driver
  • Betty Phillips ... Chairwoman
  • Andrew Rhodes ... NASA Technician
  • Howard Storey ... Guard at Gate
  • Raimund Stamm ... Dempsey


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