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Here There Be Dragons is the first half of the 10th episode of Dave the Barbarian.


Faffy's allegiance to his dragon brethren makes it tougher for Dave to reverse an unnatural heat wave that has struck Udrogoth.


The story begins in Udrogoth where the mysterious nomads came. They sell many items such as Fishcakes, cheese coats and toad accessories. But from the items they sell, They're known for being extremely touchy. When Dave asked if the fishcakes were fresh, the nomads threated the curse upon their land. The curse started and the land grows hotter by the moment. Oswidge says that the Star of Night is the only gemstone that can break the curse and save Udrogoth and it can be found in the cave of peril. Dave, Fang and Faffy set out for the cave of peril while Candy and Oswidge remains behind.


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