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"Hercules and the World's First Doctor" is an episode from Hercules: The Animated Series. It first aired September 8, 1998 (ABC).


Newly dead arrivals in Hades' kingdom are falling due to the work of the world's first doctor, Hippocrates (Mandy Patinkin), healing up to this point being something only the gods could do. Hercules sees him as being a hero for healing the sick joins him in his efforts as doctor, causing jealousy from Phil, while Hades sends Pain and Panic to dispose of the doctor, first personally and secondly via plague. When the second attempt works, Hippocrates invents a medicine to cure it from various plants and items around the world. As it is rare, he uses all the medicine up just in time for Hades to visit Hippocrates and bestow the last of the plague on him, causing him to die. Hercules apologizes to Phil and convinces him to come on a rescue mission to the Underworld. There, the duo bribe Charon (mythology) with the sports pages to get in the back way, wherein they find Hippocrates raising the dead much to Hades' ire. Hades requests that Hercules take Hippocrates back but suggests that the doctor charge huge amounts for his services and take Wednesdays off to play golf (which Hippocrates is receptive of).


Main Character


  • During the muses intermission, when we Thalia being kick by Terpsichore, you can see that Terpsichore was barefooted, but a few seconds later she had her shoes on again.
  • After Pain and Panic smash into the door while in snake form, they resemble the Hospital Blue Sign.


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