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"Hercules and the Spartan Experience" is an episode of Hercules: The Animated Series. It aired on January 4, 1999.


When Hercules learns that Adonis needs his aid, he and Icarus rush to Sparta to aid the prince. They learn that he is in Spar OTC, a Spartan training corps commanded by Agamemnon (Patrick Warburton) that Adonis must pass to become King of Thrace. Hercules decides to help Adonis through the corps, and Icarus develops a decidedly militant attitude. They support Adonis throughout the training, despite reluctance on his part and an eventual escape via Icarus' wings. While flying, he learns that Boreas (Alan Rosenberg), the North Wind, who Ares defeated when he founded Sparta, plans to attack the city. He is blown back to Sparta just in time for the test and warns Hercules, who warns Agamemnon, but he refuses to listen. When Boreas attacks, they draw him down to the city by singing the Spartan anthem and Hercules traps him in a giant pipe. Ares awards them all medals, but takes back Hercules' and Icarus' as they are Athenians; Adonis keeps his for his part in defeating Boreas.

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