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Hercules and the Return of Typhon is an episode of Hercules: The Animated Series.


Hercules is invited to join his father and mother for Titan Smashing Day, an event which commemorates Zeus' defeat of the Titan, Typhon (Regis Philbin). Echidna, who was Typhon's mate, seeks revenge, wreaking havoc on Athens, so to prove himself to his father, Hercules challenges her, but in doing so, inadvertently releases Typhon. He calls to Zeus for help, who begins to explain something, but is interrupted by the fight beginning. Evenly matched, a lightning bolt is thrown by Hera, who forces Echidna and Typhon to end the battle peaceably. Hera and Zeus explain that it was Hera who threw the bolt to buy time for Zeus to defeat Typhon, and father and son mutually agree that even a god isn't perfect.


Main Characters

Greek Pantheon

Guest Character


  • This is actually the first and only time where Bob the narrator is shown. He goes to the celebration (since it is his day off) with his family who are all invisible.
  • The gods meeting on Cloud 33 is a clear reference to the real-world Club 33.
  • When Hercules accidentally shoots a lighting bolt that strikes the blimp sized cloud where the gods are, it falls down to the earth, which makes a news reporter say "Oh the infinity"! This is actually a slight reference to the line "Oh the humanity!" that was uttered by a witness of the Hindenburg Disaster.


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