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"Hercules and the Disappearing Heroes" is a Hercules: The Animated Series episode which first aired on October 5, 1998.


Hecate, trying to overtake the Underworld again, steals the eyesight of Nestor, hearing of Meleager, and toughness of police chief Mentor. Hercules and Phil enlist the aid of Chipacles, who has vowed to get back Mentor, informing them Hecate is behind it. They are unable to stop her stealing Odysseus' cunning, but decide to lure her in by showing of Hercules' strength at a conference, as the monster she is creating requires strength. Hecate falls for it, and his strength is stolen, with Phil and Chipacles following her to the Underworld. They release the others, and use their collective weaknesses to slow the monster- until Hades finds out what's going on. Hercules lies to an unconvinced Hades about Hecate's involvement, but simply gives her a statuette of himself in mock appreciation, which she gives to the heroes for bowling after returning their gifts.


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