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Hercules and the Comedy of Arrows is an episode of Hercules: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 29, 1998.


Hades is tired of love blossoming in spring and causing long life, so he sends Pain and Panic to infiltrate Cupid's headquarters, where Icarus has joined the cherubs to get the chance to shoot a love arrow at Cassandra and be rid of her new boyfriend, Melampus. However, he vies for a different approach after finding out there are also loathe arrows. Hades also uses this to his advantage, capturing the cherubs and causing everyone to hate each other. Hercules and Icarus team up with Cupid to "put passion back in fashion", causing Hades to love. Icarus has the chance to shoot the love arrow again, but does not, as it means he would not know how Cassandra truly feels.

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